It's hooky-heavy musical fare.
Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

One Direction continues to roll out Made in the A.M. tracks before its release this Friday and the song they shared Monday, “End of the Day,” is an absolute bop.

“Just me, her, and the moon,” kicks off the song that basically details every 1D-fan’s fantasy: A lover is truck by a lightning rod of love, throws caution to the wind, ignores all their naysayers, and the couple give into each other.

“All I know at the end of the day / Is you want what you want / And you say what you say / And you follow your heart / Even though it’ll break, sometimes” may now be the foursome’s catchiest hook since “Steal My Girl,” begging millions to sing along.

One Direction has previously shared “Perfect,” “Infinity,” “Drag Me Down,” and “History” off the set.