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Updated November 09, 2015 at 06:33 PM EST
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Back in 1995, comedian Marc Maron had a meeting with Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels — and it did not go the way Maron wanted it to: He didn’t get the gig, something he’s been talking about on his WTF podcast for years. He finally got to address the meeting with Michaels himself in the latest episode of his podcast, which starts off with the two going back and forth recounting their memories of that meeting.

“It’s a very loaded experience for me,” Maron starts his talk with Michaels. And he remembers (almost) every detail from it: Maron describes seeing Tracy Morgan when he went in for the meeting, the candy on Michaels’ desk, and a comparison Michaels made between monkeys and comedians. “God, you really remember this,” Michaels responds at one point, eliciting a laugh from Maron.

“I’m always looking for what I think are original voices, and I thought, I wouldn’t have met with you if I didn’t think you had one,” Michaels explains. “You need to have spent a certain amount of time onstage to be ready for the show. … I think you were ready. I think it was … I learned early on that if you bring people in and there’s no real spot for them …”

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He goes on to describe how hard it was for David Spade to catch a break when he was on SNL the same time as Dana Carvey. “Writers will always go to whoever came through for them on the last show,” Michaels says. “… Unless you play some other kind of part, or unless you bring some other kind of voice that’s clear and can withstand those first five or six shows when the audience is less than friendly.”

This discussion only takes up a small portion of the nearly two-hour-long podcast, which ends with Maron calling his talk with Michaels a “great experience.” “Not only did I get closure, not only did I — by this point, I didn’t even know if I needed it, but it was great to have it,” Maron says. “And also, what I came away with is, Lorne Michaels is a good guy. He’s a great guy. I loved hanging out with him.”

Listen to the full episode here.

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