Credit: AP Photo/The Winchester Star, Scott Mason

Country legend Patsy Cline’s widower, Charlie Dick, who was also a member of Nashville’s music scene, died Sunday morning. He was 81.

The two were married in 1957 and remained together until Cline’s death in 1963, when she was killed in an airplane crash in Tennessee. After her death, Dick continued to work in Nashville at independent labels like Starday Records and later with MCA Records, when he worked on Cline’s successful reissues.

In 1985, HBO turned Cline and Dick’s life into a movie, Sweet Dreams, in which Jessica Lange played Cline and Ed Harris portrayed Dick. The film was well-received, though Dick told PEOPLE in 1985, “They changed a lot of things to sell tickets. If my kids were younger, I’d be pissed off.” The film portrayed him as abusive. “Strangers would’ve thought we were gonna knock each other out, but we were just livin’. We made up as hard as we fought. We had a lot of fun making up.”

After Sweet Dreams debuted, Dick produced two documentaries about Cline’s life, The Real Patsy Cline and Remembering Patsy. In 2012 he appeared at Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum to honor her life.