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Stephen Colbert’s love of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings saga is well documented, but the Late Show host is also a Harry Potter fan — and, like other Potter fans, he’s been following all the new revelations J.K. Rowling has been sharing about the wizarding world.

It’s been eight years since the final Harry Potter novel was published, he notes, but Rowling is still sharing new information about the books and her characters, from insight into Dumbledore to the correct way to pronounce Voldemort and, this past week, that Americans have a different way of saying “Muggle.”

So, using some magic of his own, Colbert decided on Friday’s episode of The Late Show to take matters into his own hands and reveal more HP spoilers before Rowling gets the chance to.

Pulling out his “Cauldron of Spoilers,” Colbert peers in, Pensieve-style, and predicts some new wizarding world bombshells, like what Snape’s name is short for and that horcruxes aren’t dishwasher safe.

Watch the video above for more of his spoilers, and to find out why Colbert might be the American version of He Who Must Not Be Named.

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