For decades, the world of Warcraft has been a realm for passionate gamers, but with the first trailer for director Duncan Jones’ massive film adaptation of the series, the rest of the world is getting to see the battles between man and orc.

The trailer for Warcraft debuted today as a part of BlizzCon, the convention organized by the developers and publishers of the video game series, Blizzard.

EW spoke with Jones in the lead up to BlizzCon about what a trailer for Warcraft would need to achieve in order to satisfy hardcore fans and welcome in the mainstream audiences.

“We’ve got an awful lot of introducing to do, both in this movie and inviting audiences in to come see this movie. There’s an entirely new world, new characters,” Jones said. “This is beyond the Warcraft faithful, who know what it is that we’re talking about. Also, what kind of subject matter is it? What kind of fantasy is it? There will be different pieces that we have to address over the seven months until our film comes out.”

“Right now, we just want to give everyone a sense of the breadth of the world, the kind of action that’s involved, and a sense of the energy of the movie,” he continued. “As we go along, I’m sure we’ll be introducing people to the broader spectrum of what this big, big film is.”

Warcraft is set to hit theaters on June 10, 2016.

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