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“You are your father’s son, and you’re part of him, but it doesn’t mean you have to be him,” Phylicia Rashad tells Michael B. Jordan in one of six clips released by Warner Bros. from the upcoming boxing drama Creed.

The father in question is Apollo Creed — the star-spangled rival, mentor, and beach-sprint partner of Rocky Balboa. Jordan plays his illegitimate son, Adonis, who hopes to make his own name in the ring without buckling under the weight of his dad’s. Creed the Younger takes up training under the tutelage of an aging Rocky (played by an aging Sylvester Stallone), and the growing bond between the two is evident in the other clips.

The tone of the film is more muted and grounded than some of the later larks in the Rocky franchise. (You’ll notice no one seems to be dwelling on the fact that Apollo was killed by a Soviet Terminator in a vicarious battle between Cold War superpowers.) In that way, the movie seems to be returning to the rooted stakes and character drama of the original 1976 Best Picture winner, which makes sense coming from Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler.

Coogler has supplemented the realism by casting actual fighters like Tony Bellew and Gabriel Rosado in key roles. You can check the director working with those guys — as well as a whole lot of other behind-the-scenes footage — in the B-roll material released with the clips.

Creed hits theaters on Nov. 25.

Rocky spinoff
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