And yeah, that will apply to your heart.

By Madison Vain
Updated November 06, 2015 at 08:23 PM EST

When Jewel went to record her landmark first album, Pieces Of You — which celebrated its 20th birthday this year –most of it was cut live, capturing her unfiltered magnetism. Her voice is devastatingly clear, singing lyrics of a similar nature. This fall the singer released two equally raw chronicles. Musically, the bookend to that set, Picking Up The Pieces, as well as a memoir, Never Broken.

Now, Jewel joins EW for our latest Basement Series to perform an even more stripped-down version of “Everything Breaks.”

“I think people are going to assume, because it’s on this record, that I wrote it about my ex-husband,” Jewel says in the video, introducing the track. “It’s actually a much older song,” she continues, “though I have to say that singing it now, in the studio, it definitely took on a different meaning.”

In the clip below, Jewel speaks of the origins of her songwriting, saying she started young, as early as eight-years-old “because it was the best way to keep track of myself” — but as is the case with all great songsmiths, it’s not long before those lyrics about her are keeping track of you, the listener.

See Jewel perform “Everything Breaks.”

Reporting by Kristen Harding.