The actor behind secret sixth Keating clan member Oliver confirms Phillip is as sketchy as we think

By Dana Rose Falcone
Updated November 06, 2015 at 05:23 PM EST
Credit: ABC

Sex still has everything to do with murder, and Annalise and the Keating Five continue to prove exactly why that is. On Thursday night’s How to Get Away With Murder, Laurel used her sex appeal to lure a witness into the courtroom, Annalise used her relationship with Eve to get what she wants, and Oliver lured the potential killer in the Hapstall case to a coffee date under the pretense of sex — and that he was Connor.

Asher proved that sex can land you in hot water, too. When Bonnie revealed she knows about the rape that happened at a party her boyfriend hosted in college, Asher, as per usual, stuck his foot in his mouth by saying he understands why this is Bonnie’s “thing.” (Word of advice Ash, don’t ever call rape a woman’s “thing.”) This sent Bonnie into a drunken rage against Annalise for revealing her secret, and caused Bonnie to tell her boss she wished Annalise was dead intsead of Sam. Ouch.

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Meanwhile in court, Annalise got a stalker off for being responsible for the suicide of his ex-wife Sharon’s husband. Turns out, Sharon was sleeping with her attorney the whole time, evidence Laurel wiggled out of his doorman. As for Nate’s case, Eve is back and seems to know why Annalise has such an attachment for Wes. All signs point to the face that Annalise is his mama. And in the Hapstall world, Oliver — who got a “Thank you” from Annalise this week (!!!) — tracked down their long lost cousin and set him up on a date with Connor. But creepy cousin Phillip didn’t fall for Oliver’s top-notch catfishing and tracked Oliver down to his apartment, where we leave the two with a bag of fresh groceries.

Here’s what Oliver has to say about working for the Keatings and how his confrontation with the possible killer could turn out:

Favorite moment from the episode: Frank saying “I’d spank you before Walsh.” Awkward.

Favorite moment filming the episode: The scene watching “Bye Felicia.” We started singing 90s R&B songs between takes.

Moment that made your jaw drop: Bonnie going toe-to-toe with Annalise.

Most suspicious character this episode and why: Phillip! Duh! Secret baby!

One teaser for next week: Save your straws.

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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