'I think he watched me.'

By Christopher Rosen
Updated November 06, 2015 at 12:50 PM EST

As controversy continues to swirl around the decision to have Donald Trump host Saturday Night Live, at least one prominent public figure has said she’ll probably watch the Republican presidential hopeful on the sketch comedy series: Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination, told Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night that she “might” tune in to see Trump perform. “That I might do. Because, I think he watched me,” she said.

During the SNL season premiere in September, Clinton appeared as a bartender in a sketch opposite Kate McKinnon, who impersonates Clinton on the show, and proceeded to mock Trump. “Isn’t he the one that’s like, ‘Ehh, you’re all losers’?” Clinton said, affecting the tone of Trump’s voice.

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In addition to revealing her Saturday night viewing plans, Clinton also told Kimmel that she could beat her husband, former president Bill Clinton, in a general election.

“I think he is a terrific campaigner and I think he is good at it. I’d be fascinated if he were eligible to run again, he would run again. […] If he could, he would,” Clinton said, before explaining that presidential candidates need to have confidence in their ability to win. “If I were going to run against him, would I win?” Clinton said. “Yeah.”