Ozzy Osbourne
Credit: Barry Brecheisen/WireImage

They say you shouldn’t mess with Texas — and now one of the Lone Star State’s prime offenders plans to make nice, more than three decades after the fact. The often-shocking rocker Ozzy Osbourne drunkenly urinated on the Alamo Cenotaph (the 60-foot-tall monument adjacent to the Alamo itself) when he was in town for a 1982 show, but the San Antonio Express-News reports that Osbourne will soon return to rectify his misdeeds.

According to the Express-News, councilman Roberto Trevino announced Wednesday night that Osbourne will return to the city and cenotaph to film a History Channel special set to include his apology for urinating there 33 years ago.

This isn’t the first time Osbourne has tried to set things straight with San Antonio following the incident. A decade after the city banned him from performing there due to his actions, Osbourne offered the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, who maintain the cenotaph, $10,000 to lift the prohibition.

Concert promoter Greg Wilson told the Express-News about the circumstances of the incident in 1992, when Osbourne made his donate. “He was drunk,” Wilson said. “Ozzy was super drunk and he had a bladder problem. You know, I don’t think anyone would have even noticed what he was doing except that he was doing a photo shoot with the English music magazine Melody Maker and he was dressed in pink tights and ballerina shoes. He wandered over to the side of the statue and there he went.”