Unlike Secret in Their Eyesfirst trailer — which dropped back in June and included about 30 seconds of lead-in before revealing that Julia Roberts’ character’s daughter has been murdered — this new, tighter, slightly more spoilery spot gets that detail out of the way right up front. Entitled “Witness,” the clip focuses on Roberts’ police detective’s quest for justice.

Written and directed by Billy Ray (Shattered Glass), the story is all about the red herrings inherent in an unorthodox investigation of a crime. Anyone who’s seen the complex 2009 Argentinean movie of the same name — an Oscar-winner for Best Foreign Language Film — will surely realize that most of the details this trailer offers are just baubles of plot distractions.

In fact, at the end of the trailer, the detective character played by Chiwetel Ejoifor says, “I found him” — presumably referring to the wanted murderer, followed by a reaction shot of Roberts and Nicole Kidman’s character looking fraught and concerned. But look at those two shots closely and you can tell that they aren’t even taken from the same scene. It’s a film — and a trailer — of much smoke and many mirrors.

Secret opens on Nov. 20.

Secret in Their Eyes
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