Beloved standup comedian and perennially in-demand supporting player Brian Posehn has scored what looks like a very juicy lead role in the new Christmas comedy, Uncle Nick (out Dec. 4).

The film finds Posehn playing the titular, lewd, drunken character who arrives at his brother’s Yuletide gathering in the hope of scoring with a party guest. A combination of Nick’s equally crass sister and alcoholic overindulgence causes family secrets to bubble to the surface, spelling potential disaster for the whole clan.

Uncle Nick is directed by first-time filmmaker Chris Kasick, written by Mike Demski, and executive produced — a tad eyebrow-raisingly — by legendary documentarian Errol Morris. Other cast members include Paget Brewster and Posehn’s Mr. Show costar, Scott Adsit.

You can exclusively see the trailer for Uncle Nick, below.