Credit: Thomas Niedermueller/Redferns via Getty Images

Noel Gallagher: not a fan of today’s pop stars.

“Fame’s wasted on these c—s today,” Gallagher told Esquire UK in a recent interview. “Bar Kanye. You watch him on the MTV [Video Music] Awards and you think, ‘You can f–ing stay, you’re alright.'”

The 48-year-old got specific in naming acts, including nearly the biggest names possible. “Does anybody give a f— about what any of these current pop stars are up to? Who gives a sh– what f—ing One Direction do? C—–kers, all of them in rehab by the time they’re 30,” Gallagher says. “Who gives a sh– what Ellie Goulding is up to? Really? Adele, what? Blows my f—ing mind. It blows my f—ing mind. Nobody cares! Fame’s wasted on them, with their f—ing in-ear monitors and their electronic cigarettes. And their fragrances that they’re bringing out for Christmas. You f—ing d—s.”

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When Zayn Malik left 1D, Gallagher was bewildered at the former’s decision “to be a normal 22-year-old.”

“You want to be a normal 22-year-old?” Gallagher posed in May. “Have you met any normal 22-year-olds? They’re f—in’ sh– for brains.”

Gallagher’s interview comes in the same week where an Oasis documentary is in the works from the filmmakers of Amy that promises “unprecedented” access to the band.

Head to Esquire UK to see Gallagher’s full interview, as he reflects on his full life, Oasis, and his distaste for Radiohead.