Credit: ABC/Nicole Wilder

Love will be in the Piggy-approved air this month on The Muppets.

EW has exclusively learned Chelsea Handler will appear on ABC’s Muppet revival in a flirty guest spot, playing herself in the Nov. 17 episode, “Too Hot to Handler.”

In the episode, the adorable, woebegone Scooter — the talent booker on Up Late with Miss Piggy — finds himself on the opposite end of Handler’s available signals. Scooter books his longtime TV crush onto Up Late, and sparks (though hopefully not the kind that can set fire to felt) will fly. Leave it to Handler to heat up late night beyond its usual temperature.

The amorous half-hour also finds Fozzie aiming to take his relationship with Becky to the next level, if not for a double date with Kermit and (sorry) Denise that may raise some red flags. Will any Muppet relationship be safe?!

The Muppets airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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