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The Real Housewives of...

If you’re a Real Housewives fan who finds yourself bored with the drama in New York, Atlanta, and Orange County, don’t worry — Andy Cohen promises Real Housewives of Albuquerque could be right around the corner. Or something like that.

While discussing the reality series with Amy Phillips on her Sirius XM radio show Reality Checked on Wednesday, Cohen confirmed that the Housewives will find a new city. As for when fans of the show that brought us birthday girl Bethenny Frankel and Brandi Glanville can expect a to learn about the latest locale, the Watch What Happens Live host said an announcement will come “sooner than you think.”

Cohen, one of the series’ original executive producers, also admitted to having nothing to do with Real Housewives Melbourne, one of newest locations introduced into the Bravo franchise.

“The EPs at Bravo … we are not involved in Melbourne at all,” he told Phillips. “I’ve never even seen it.”

The Real Housewives of...
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