Credit: Courtesy of James Minchin

Josh Groban’s PBS special is set to air later this month, and ahead of its release he shared a clip from the performance, featuring Kelly Clarkson.

Clarkson appeared on Groban’s last album, Stages, which was comprised Broadway covers, and together he and Clarkson sang a duet of “All I Ask Of You” from Phantom of the Opera. In the clip previewing the special, they give a stunning performance of the track.

“When I was making this record, and we were going to record this song, I knew this duet had to be recorded in a very, very special way and it had to be recorded with a very special singer,” Groban said of Clarkson while introducing the song. “She is one of the most versatile singers that I’ve ever heard.”

EW caught up with Groban while he was promoting Stages earlier this year, and when asked about persuading Clarkson to join the collection he said, “I was terrified! I thought she’d say no because she’s got a hit album and a new baby and such a busy career. But she’s actually a big Broadway buff. I’d wanted to sing with her for a while and I thought, Maybe this is crazy, but maybe this is the way to do it, with something people wouldn’t expect. And she’s got pipes.”

Groban’s PBS special will air Nov. 28 on the network.