'19 Days of Suffragette' initiative honors the brave women who fought for equal rights

This fall’s historical drama Suffragette puts the spotlight on the English suffragette movement in the early 20th century — but its hundred-year-old story is timely for the attention it brings to contemporary women’s issues as well.

Now, just in time for Election Day, the team behind the film is launching an initiative called 19 Days of Suffragette, which will celebrate the women who gave so much to achieve equal voting rights and bring attention to the gender inequality that we still have yet to overcome.

“In the coming weeks, 19 Days of Suffragette will honor the brave and bold women of the Suffragette movement,” the official announcement reads. “They fought for civil rights — ‘votes for women!’ — before the term became part of the lexicon.

“Women campaigned for more than 50 years — many of them arrested, beaten, and tortured — to ensure a future where women had a voice. In the U.S., their sacrifices led to the eventual passing of the 19th Amendment, which granted most American women the right to vote in a country where they previously had no rights over their homestead or even their children.”

To kick off the 19-day initiative, EW has an exclusive video, above, in which the Suffragette stars and creative team remember the first time they cast a ballot.

“I voted because I felt the weight of what the vote means to me,” says Carey Mulligan, the film’s lead. Director Sarah Gavron admits, “My mum was a politician, so she would have killed me if I hadn’t turned up to the voting booth,” and many of the women speak about their mothers’ encouragement that they take part in the democratic process.


To follow 19 Days of Suffragette, check out the film’s Facebook and Twitter and look for the initiative’s official hashtags, #Suffragette, #Suffragette19, and #FightsNotOver.

Stay tuned to this page to join Suffragette and its partners as they “look back at the movement that changed things for women; celebrate the trailblazers who got us to where we are; and salute those who continue on the course to ensure equality for women everywhere.”

Watch the video above. Suffragette is now playing in select cities.

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