What do you think of when you get the smiling poop emoji texted to you? Or what does the peach emoji stand for to you? PEOPLE found out what the biggest YouTube stars thought about these and several other emojis in a game of emoji association at Stream Con.

The fun started with the purple devil emoji. DeStorm Powers interpreted it as a sign of cheating, while other stars, like Joey Graceffa, Joe Sugg, and Kandee Johnson, saw it as basic anger or maliciousness. iJustine, on the other hand, said it reminded her of her fellow Stream Con panelist Joey Graceffa, “because he just dyed his hair purple.”

They then moved on to the ever-popular smiling poop emoji. Johnson wanted to see the sweet side of the emoji, and said she thinks of it instead as chocolate frozen yogurt. Taryn Southern didn’t sugarcoat her interpretation at all, saying it simply means “I wanna take a sh–.” Jordan Doww took a more meta approach, responding “My life.”

Next came the cha cha girl. Perhaps thinking about his dance moves in the “Hotline Bling” video, Hannah Hart said that it reminds her of Drake. Both Graceffa and iJustine related personally to the emoji, saying it described themselves.

The controversial peach emoji was up next. Joe Sugg, Graceffa, sWooZie, and GloZell all took it to be in reference to a person’s posterior, while James Maslow was the only innocent participant to say “Adorable!”

Finally, the most divisive emoji of all was the dancing twin girls. Johnson thought of them as Broadway stars, while Bart Baker was reminded of Doublemint Gum and sWooZie’s mind went to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” music video. Hart simply said, “I thought they were like really good friends.”