Spike Lee took part in this year’s New York City Marathon festivities as the race’s grand marshal — making him the first New Yorker to hold the honor — and in celebration of the famous 26.2-mile road race, the filmmaker made a short film celebrating all things New York.

Da New Yawk Joint, which opened televised coverage of the marathon on New York’s ABC 7, is a love letter to his home city — its residents, neighborhoods, sports teams, food (pizza, naturally, and Junior’s cheesecake, too), and everything else that makes New York “the greatest city on this God’s planet.”

Lee highlights the bustling pace, his beloved New York Knicks, the city’s police and firefighters, the Fort Greene neighborhood where he grew up, famous fellow New Yorker Chris Rock, Broadway’s current smash Hamilton, and much more.

“We’ve had a team of my best cameramen dispersed throughout the greatest city in the world shooting film and footage for us,” Lee told ABC ahead of the marathon.

Watch Lee’s Da New Yawk Joint above.