Jenna finally gets her prom moment.

By Ariana Bacle
November 02, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST
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MTV’s Awkward lives up to its name — and each week, EW will chronicle the comedy-drama’s most uncomfortable moments. This time, we’re looking at season 5, episode 10, also known as “Reality Does Not Bite,” where Jenna and Matty finally declare their love for each other. Here are the five most awkward moments from this episode of Awkward in chronological order.

1. Jenna slips on her way out of prom on what looks like liquid from Gloria’s water breaking — luckily, it’s just some spilled vodka. But right when it looks like the moment’s been saved, a candle falls on Jenna’s mess of a dress and lights her on fire, and not in the cool, Hunger Games-inspired, “that girl is on fire!” way.

2. Gabby’s friends have been all over Jake all night, and that drama comes to a head when Gabby slaps one of Jake’s new dance partners. What a sweet group of friends they are!

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3. Once Matty finds out Jenna went home, he heads straight to her bedroom’s back door — which her dad answers because Jenna is already back at the dance. Instead of shutting the door on Matty, he pressures him to come inside and “take a load off” by listening to stories of proms past, which is not exactly how a potential Prom King wants to spend his evening. (Matty eventually gets out of it by being surprisingly blunt: “I am trying to get in one dance with Jenna before the whole thing’s over,” he tells a very supportive Kevin.)

4. Sadie finds some empty liquor bottles underneath the buffet table and decides to trash some of them so no one sees. Problem is, she isn’t exactly sneaky in her attempt to transport them and gets caught red-handed by a chaperone. Say bye-bye to walking at graduation (and delivering the valedictorian speech), Sadie.

5. After multiple missed connections, Jenna and Matty finally get in a dance together. Matty tells Jenna how he feels, and she first responds by just staring at him. Come on, Jenna! This is what you wanted! The silent staring was all a fake-out, though, because as Matty walks out, Jenna tells him she loves him back. Cue sweet kiss and the prom-night ending Jenna (and Matty) really wanted.

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