Plus, see an exclusive clip of her in the recording booth for 'Toy Story That Time Forgot'
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To call Kristen Schaal a busy woman would be an understatement: She currently stars on The Last Man on Earth, Bob’s Burgers, and Gravity Falls — and still makes time to write and do stand-up in her so-called “downtime.”

Lately, she’s been working on movie scripts, including one that “nobody wants to make but everybody really enjoyed reading.” “It’s all right,” she tells EW with a laugh. “As long as I can just keep making stuff, what are you going to do? As long as I can say that I did it.”

Speaking of making stuff, here are teases Schaal gave us about each of the shows she’s currently on — plus, see what she had to say about working with Grey’s Anatomy star Kevin McKidd on last year’s Time Story That Time Forgot, which arrives on Blu-ray Tuesday.

The Last Man on Earth

The most recent episode featured Carol serving crickets — “They’re kind of like large sunflower seeds,” Schaal says — to the entire crow, but Phil (Boris Kodjoe) was the only one who would eat them. And despite the fact that Erica (Cleopatra Coleman) later tells him off for constantly hitting on Carol in front of her, Schaal doesn’t think Phil’s ready to give up just yet. “I think that [his] love for Carol is just undying,” Schaal says.

It’ll be difficult for him to come between her and Tandy (Will Forte), though, as their relationship is finally starting to become, well, a relationship. “Tandy’s finally come around to realizing how special Carol has been all along,” she says. “I think Tandy really tickles her, he’s got a lot of life in him, and so does she. I think they’re both very happy to be together.”

Bob’s Burgers

Louise Belcher might have her guard up most of the time, but we’re about to see more of her vulnerabilities come to light in an upcoming Christmas episode “that really plays with all the facets of Louise’s personality,” Schaal says. “She’s trying to get Santa on her side through a mall Santa played by Henry Winkler, so I’m really excited about that episode and it does a really good job of reminding everyone that she is a 9-year-old.”

Gravity Falls

Although Schaal couldn’t say much about what’s coming up on the Disney XD show — “[creator Alex Hirsch] is very protective of the show,” she laughs — she can say that Mabel is doing just fine despite not showing up too much in the first part of this season’s “Weirdmageddon” series: “Let’s just say Mabel is in a pretty good place,” she says.

Toy Story That Time Forgot

Recording parts for animated movies and TV shows is usually something done solo due to scheduling conflicts, but Schaal got to get in the booth with McKidd (who voices Reptillus Maximus) to record some of Toy Story That Time Forgot. “It’s such a luxury because you can actually deliever your lines to a face that’s listening,” she says with a laugh. “It’s a lot of fun. And sometimes it will really elevate the energy when another cast member is there.”

Watch the two in action in an exclusive clip below.

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