And Christie Brinkley approved

By Dylan Kickham
November 02, 2015 at 06:17 PM EST
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

It looks like National Lampoon’s Vacation just got another remake.

This Halloween has been packed with amazing celebrity costumes, but Jessica Simpson and her husband, Eric Johnson, may have taken the cake by dressing as Clark Griswold and the girl in the red Ferrari from the 1983 comedy.

Johnson brought Chevy Chase’s iconic character to life with a tan jacket and some large glasses, while Simpson channeled Christie Brinkley’s unnamed highway vixen by doing up her hair and dressing in an all-white shirt-dress.

Simpson and Johnson clearly pulled off the look perfectly, as even Brinkley herself shared the photo on Instagram and wrote, “How cute is this? Our National Lampoon was lampooned to PERFECTION ! You guys look Hot and Hilarious !!!”