Plus, Carter Covington breaks down that Karmy kiss, Hester's comeback, and more

By Megan Daley
November 02, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST
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The Faking It finale left off with Amy heading out on tour for the summer, leaving a broken-hearted Karma behind. But Amy needs two things to get over Karma: Time and space (two things she wouldn’t get if she stayed in Austin). But how will the best friends recover from an entire summer apart? 

EW caught up with Faking It showrunner Carter Covington to get the lowdown on the Karmy kiss, summer break, and what’s in store when we returned for season 3 (new love interests, a spooky Halloween episode, and what happens when one of Hester High’s finest goes viral). (Not to mention the big-time casting call.) Read our recap of the finale, here

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s talk about that kiss. It doesn’t seem like Karma would’ve let Amy walk away if the kiss had meant something to her. Will we ever find out what the kiss meant?

CARTER COVINGTON: I think that Karma is not looking at it that closely because she was drunk and she doesn’t remember it. So, in her mind, it’s kind of like, Amy was there for her in her time of need and she was drunk, and she did something stupid. I don’t think she’s looking beyond that at why she would do that. That’s something that we’re going to discuss in season 3. The fact that they haven’t really gotten much resolution from what that kiss meant. 

I think everyone can relate in some way to falling for someone who might not necessarily like you back. And it makes it even more difficult when that person is your best friend (i.e. Amy falling for Karma).

You can’t get away from them. 

But Amy seems to really need to get away from Karma in order to move on. 

We really wanted the audience to understand where both of them were and that for Karma, she feels like they should be able to solve this together. Because they do everything together and they love each other so deeply, they’re that close of friends — they’ve always said that. For Amy, this is something Karma can’t help her with and she knows that. She knows that she’s got to do something differently. I’m really excited for season 3 because that will … I’m sort of skipping over to a preview of next season, but we’re really going to show how Amy is trying to put up boundaries and still keep her friendship with Karma after the summer. It’s going to be an interesting evolution for her character. What I’m excited for the season finale, we get to see Amy stand up and decide to take action to get over Amy which is the first time she’s really done that. I think in the long run, that’s a good step to take.

The summer is going to affect her because it’s her first time being away from not only Karma, but home as well. How will the traveling change their relationship? Will Karma hold a grudge?

Well, that is the big question that we will address in our premiere — how their relationship is affected by the choice that Amy makes in the finale. And I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say we dive right into that in our first episode back. Amy comes back at the end of summer and we get to see what everybody did over the summer break and how they’re going to get passed this summer apart. 

So, we’re picking up right at the end of the summer/when the school year starts? 

Correct, the first episode will be before the school year starts. And then the second episode will be the first day of school. 

In the finale, Zita came back and offered some good news to Liam in that she found his birth father (at least, his name). Will his journey to find his father continue into the new season or will he have found him over the break?

He is going to get some resolution over the summer and he and Zita’s relationship will have evolved in a very interesting way. But, all of that — his journey of finding a connection to his dad — is a big driver for his story in season 3. We’re definitely excited about where that storyline is going to head. 

I’m so glad in this finale that it seems like Lauren’s one step closer to accepting who she is. I think that was a really good way for her character to wrap up this season because it’s been such a battle for her up until this point. 

I know [Laughs]. Poor Lauren. She has had a tough season. We really wanted to give her a victory at the end and a step forward. Who would think that Hester High would be saved by Lauren Cooper? It’s a good kick-off for where we’re going to take her in season 3 because her speech at the school board meeting is going to go viral. So, we’ll see the impact of that. We’re really excited to show Lauren as she becomes an inspirational figure because she’s still Lauren. 

And she’s willing to go public in front of that group of people but going viral will put her in an entirely new spotlight. 

I think to me, this is the reality of accepting something about yourself that you have tried to hide — that it comes in fits and starts. Sometimes you feel fully behind it and you want to shout it out of the rooftops and other times, you’re nervous and you’re not sure if you want that to be all you’re known for. We’re really going to keep exploring that with her because she keeps putting herself in situation that it comes into relief. 

Will there be better days at Hester when we return? Maybe a few love interests?

Hester is going to come back in a big way. Now that they’ve come close to closing their doors, they are determined — the school is determined — to be as Hester as possible. We will have a lot more fun at Hester as it returns to its former progressive, liberal glory. If anything it will go even further in that direction. We definitely have some fun, new love interests coming in. We’ve got a Halloween episode that I’m really excited about. We’ve got the return of all of the characters that we love — some will be a nice surprise when they come back. Anyway, that’s the worst tease ever. But yes, we’re going to have more, more, more. I’m excited for season 3 because I feel like we keep raising the bar for ourselves in the writers room to really challenge us to expand what this show can do. I feel like in season 3, we continue to do that. 

Penelope is coming back as we saw in the photo that you posted on Twitter of the first table read. Does that mean Principal Turner is officially out? And what about Felix? Is there any hope for Amy and Felix? It felt like such a huge reveal that he was an alcoholic — he had this big secret throughout his entire first season with the show. 

You can’t come onto Faking It without a secret. Felix and Amy’s story is not done. So, stay tuned for season 3. 

Will Reagan or Theo make a return in the third season?

It’s too early to tell if we’re going to see either of those characters in season 3 because I’m not quite finished breaking them. So, I can’t commit to an answers there because I’m genuinely not sure yet. 

I will say that I love both of those characters and those two actors [Yvette Monreal and Keith Powers] and I know they loved being on the show. I would love to have them back — whether it happens this season or hopefully in future seasons, I can guarantee that both of them will come back before this show gets cancelled unless MTV cancels us too soon. I’m not trying to keep them away from people; I share everyone’s love for them. And it makes me really happy when people ask the question because that’s how I know that people were really invested in their relationships. 

Anything you’d like to add?

I so appreciate everyone watching the show. We’ve been reading online, everyone’s responses to the episodes and it gets us so excited to write more. 

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