Credit: EW

YouTube personality, singer, and comedian Taryn Southern teased her new show at Stream Con on Friday, and revealed why she would never want to interview Tom Cruise for the program.

“I’m so excited about this,” she told PEOPLE at Scream Con.”It’s called Party Fun Times with Taryn, where every week is a party in a new location, and I usually have no idea where the location is. We’ve shot in a nail saloon, we’ve shot in my friends garage, we’re shooting in a party bus next week.”

As Southern noted, her new show will celebrate all the weirdness of the Internet.”

“If Howard Stern and Chelsea Handler — well they shouldn’t hook up because Howard is married — but if they hooked up and had a love child, then this would sort of be their show,” she added.

As for guests, don’t expect traditional stars to appear. Southern’s show will focus on “people who are making waves on the Internet” and not famous faces promoting movies, television shows or albums.

“If someone was like Tom Cruise wants to be on your show. I’d be like, ‘I’d love to meet Tom Cruise, but I don’t want him on my show. I’m not interested,'” Southern said.

Watch the video above.