Think giraffe costumes and emoji powerpoints
Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart — the Tina Fey and Amy Poehler of YouTube, if you will — made a splash at Stream Con Friday night in New York City. The pair took the stage for their two-woman show, “This Might Get Weird, Y’all,” complete with songs, audience participation, and — as Hart promised in her preview — costumes and PowerPoint presentations.

Though the performance started late, Helbig and Hart kicked things off with an energetic and choreographed karaoke segment, prancing about onstage in giraffe costumes (see the tweet below) and getting hundreds of fans in the special events hall cheering along. As big fans of the duo, most of the attendees eagerly participated in all of their comedic hijinks. And in return, Helbig and Hart (who was nursing a cold) had no trouble looking past the rows of empty seats in the back of the theater and keeping up the excitement.

But what does a live YouTube event look like? Below, a rundown of the best moments from Helbig and Hart’s hour-long show answers that question:

They decided on a Halloween theme and used an unconventional motto. As each live show involves the pair acting as experts on a subject (like a live edition of the Idiot’s Guide books), Helbig and Hart decided to tackle how to survive Halloween, given the date. After being introduced by a montage of their best YouTube collaborations, they unveiled the motto of the night: “Be a BITCH,” in which the final word serves as a handy acronym for their Halloween lessons. Speaking of Halloween lessons…

Nothing was scarier than the costume showdown, held in the style of Chopped. Like Ted Allen in the popular Food Network show, Hart emcee’d as Helbig went up against two audience members in a crafts competition to come up with fun costumes from budget-friendly items, including plastic bags, hot pink wrapping paper, and giant pipe cleaners. The biggest laughs of the night came from the segment, as one of the competitors, Eli, a 12-year-old bespectacled mega-fan, upstaged Helbig’s costumes with each round. To get back at her (friendly) competition, Helbig at once point drew frames around her eyes so she could be Eli — and then kept the drawing on for the rest of the show.

The “Aunts” make an announcement. Helbig and Hart brought their out their most elaborate costumes — animal-print robes — to play kooky relatives of themselves, trading barbs and advising the audience on holiday etiquette. But the biggest surprise came later in a pre-recorded bit, in which the pair announced they would be starting a YouTube channel just for the “aunts,” in which the pair rant about whatever topic they feel like. Friday night’s skewering targeted YouTubers’ book covers, and no one was left out, not even Helbig and Hart themselves.

Helbig and Hart come up with backstories — for emojis. Dressed as the “dancing girls” emoji, Helbig and Hart waxed poetic about a half dozen other characters that could use some tortured history. Slide after slide, the pair cued up some sad music, improvised life stories, and gave several of them unforgettable monikers, including a “Sarah Messica Parker,” who stood in for the emoji of the woman holding up her hand. When an old man emoji appeared, the pair got even sillier. “Ever heard of someone reverse Benjamin Button-ing?” Helbig asked. “Aging?” Hart responded, to cheers. “That’s what happened,” Helbig continued. “This guy got old.” Cue the laughter — and the Snapchats — from the audience.

Stream Con continues through Sunday, Nov. 1, at the Javits Center in New York.