Dana Carvey knows an entertaining presidential candidate when he sees one. Having iconically portrayed both Ross Perot and George H.W. Bush, the SNL alum echoed what many U.S. voters think about Donald Trump on Friday night’s episode of The Tonight Show.

“I’m not saying I want Donald Trump to be president,” Carvey told Jimmy Fallon. “But I never want to live in a world where Donald Trump isn’t running for president.”

Carvey said he didn’t believe Trump’s campaign would succeed the way it has and admitted he is highly entertained by the presidential candidate’s sound bites, saying it has improved his “quality of life.”

“No matter what your politics are, everyone in this room would pay money to see Donald Trump in a room with Putin,” Carvey said.

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Watch the clip below to see Carvey act out what a conversation would look like between Trump and Putin.

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