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Will Forte is worried about his beard. He admitted on Thursday night’s episode of The Tonight Show that ever since he started reading articles about beards being “riddled with fecal matter” he became concerned for his own facial hair.

So the Last Man on Earth star got some help from a UCLA research scholar to help test his beard to see if his fears were based in reality, and to see if he would be called “poop beard” for the rest of his life.

With Rachel Dratch and Jon Hamm by his side for support, Forte waited anxiously for Jimmy Fallon to read the results.

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The diagnosis: “Will Forte, you do not have poop in your beard.”

Though Forte did discover that he had several bacterias commonly found in soil, sneakers, dirty showers, and trash cans in his beard, he brushed those aside because there was no trace of human waste.

Watch the clip below for Fallon’s celebratory dance and to see Forte rub his waste-free beard all over the audience.

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