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Though Stephen Colbert was tempted not to discuss the most recent Republican debate — which he said managed to “thread the needle between confusing and boring” — the host took the time on Thursday night’s episode of the Late Show to focus on the CNBC moderators.

Treating the debate like a job interview, the moderators began by asking the Republican presidential candidates to explain their biggest weaknesses.

“Yes, they open with the one question that no one in human history has ever answered honestly,” Colbert said. “When I interviewed for this job I said my biggest weakness was, ‘Sometimes I work so hard I forgot to cash my paychecks.’ “

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Colbert then addressed the moderators’ lack of preparation when they asked the candidates about where they were pulling their quotes. “To be fair that was just Journalism 101,” Colbert said. “Who, when, where, why, and ‘What the hell am I talking about?’ “

Watch the clip above to see Colbert advise Donald Trump to renegotiate his presidency from four years to two hours.

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