Despite having appeared in both Piranha 3D and Piranha 3DD, comedian Paul Scheer is not an obvious person to ask about what he considers to be the best movie to watch at Halloween. But he is an obvious person to ask about the best-worst Halloween movie, thanks to his co-hosting of the long-running (and very funny) podcast, How Did This Get Made?

“Okay, that’s easy,” said the star of FXX’s The League, when EW reached him this afternoon. “It’s actually on the podcast which just came out today. It’s a movie called Death Spa. So, it’s a spa-slash-gym that kills people. The gym kills people. This is the most insane movie I’ve ever seen. I mean, this movie is perfection from start to finish. I don’t often say that about bad movies. Like, The Room is the lone exception. But this movie about a killer gym takes the cake. I mean, the gym is killing people. Literally! The sauna is killing people. The weight machines are killing people. And the reason why — the twist at the end — is next level. It’s Psycho-meets-Ghost in the Machine-meets unexplained and unnecessary nudity. It’s got everything that you need for a slasher flick — without the actual slasher.”

You can see the (gratuitous nudity-featuring) trailer for the 1989 movie below.