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October 30, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT

“Question Everything” opens the floor for debate of pop culture topics–serious to whimsical, sublime to ridiculous—that have no right or wrong answers but certainly elicit a wide spectrum of intense opinions. Hopefully reading these different perspectives will open minds, challenge thinking and maybe even provoke a change in what you believe. Let’s discuss!

Star Trek vs. Star Wars: Which franchise is more out-of-this-world?

EW’s Critics Make Their Cases

Darren Franich says:

Star Trek: Lightsabers and X-wings, space battles and body-armored bounty hunters. The visuals of Star Wars are so cool. But the actual stories trend old-fashioned, with captured princesses, stalwart heroes, and villains so completely evil that they follow something called the dark side. Star Trek has never looked so cool — and could never be so simple. Wars is optimistic, but it believes in a higher Force of good. What makes Trek optimistic is people — human and otherwise — and the belief that everyone really can work together. “Cerebral humanism” isn’t as cool as a lightsaber. Maybe it should be.

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Anthony Breznican says:

Star Wars: Logic vs. emotion — that’s the source of conflict in every debate on this subject. No doubt Trek is some of our finest science fiction, providing a high bar for what humanity could hope to achieve. But Star Wars speaks to the heart, not the brain — which knows there’s no such thing as the Force, that laser beams don’t stop at the end of a sword length, and that it’s not possible to go incognito under your own name, Luke Skywalker. Trek is science, Wars is faith. It’s magic. It’s an abstract representation of the eternal longing for adventure and the impossible. Hope, faith, destiny. They’re not logical, but they nourish the part of us that is.

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