By Sara Vilkomerson and Tim Stack
October 30, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
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“Question Everything” opens the floor for debate of pop culture topics–serious to whimsical, sublime to ridiculous—that have no right or wrong answers but certainly elicit a wide spectrum of intense opinions. Hopefully reading these different perspectives will open minds, challenge thinking and maybe even provoke a change in what you believe. Let’s discuss!

Which is the better concession classic?

EW’s Critics Make Their Cases

Sara Vilkomerson says:

Popcorn: Certain snacks paired with activities are classics for a reason — think a hotdog at a ballgame or hot chocolate after ice-skating. Having popcorn at a movie just makes plain good sense. For starters, it’s easy to eat in the dark. Don’t underestimate that quality — I’m talking to you, candy eaters, with your crinkly cellophane wrappers! Then, there are two words, the secret ingredients, with which I’ll rest my case: salt and butter. Who’s hungry?

Tim Stack says:

Candy: Popcorn at the movies is just annoying. It gets stuck in your teeth. It’s crunchy and loud. And yeah, it’s usually very sodium-heavy which leads to bloating, which leads to no one talking to you at the bar after the movie. My vote? Go for the candy. There’s so much variety! Start with something light like Twizzlers. Move on to the main course with a Snickers. And then finish off with some nice, refreshing Junior Mints. Or you could choose to pick your teeth for the next day and a half searching for stuck kernels. I think we all know the right answer.