Well, 'cringes in fear' might be more accurate

Each year, The Ellen DeGeneres Show sends its executive producer Andy Lassner to a haunted house because host Ellen DeGeneres (dressed as Karla Kardashian) really enjoys watching him recoil in fear. But this time around, he was joined by Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet who vowed, “I will do my best to protect you” – more or less.

The duo faced two haunted houses (Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios and the other based on the classic fright fest Halloween) and Stonestreet had a hard time keeping his promise. Clowns, a “choir of zombies,” and other terrors made it pretty difficult. They took turns pushing and shoving each other through the houses, and weren’t afraid to drop a few F-bombs at the creatures that got a little too close.

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See the two hilariously face their worst nightmares in the two videos, below.

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