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Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)Carrie Fisher as Leia

Carrie Fisher has some advice for the new lead of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The original Star Wars trilogy actress told 23-year-old newcomer Daisy Ridley, “Don’t be a slave like I was… You keep fighting against that slave outfit.”

Fisher was referring to the “Slave Leia” outfit she wore in Return of the Jedi, the iconic gold bikini costume that recently sold for $96,000 during a memorabilia auction. In recent years, the outfit has generated mounting criticism for its sexist implications, but Fisher defended the costume earlier this year following a news report on parents who didn’t want their children to play with toys modeled after “Slave Leia.”

“That chain only ‘enslaved’ me until I could use the frabjous thing to KILL THAT DROOLING SWOLLEN SUPERTONGUED SLUG and whirl him off into infinity,” she wrote on Twitter, referencing the villainous Jabba the Hutt.

In a conversation between the actresses for Interview magazine, Fisher also addressed being the object of fandom lust, telling Ridley: “It’s hard to date once you’re a big Star Wars star because you don’t want to give people the ability to say, ‘I had sex with Princess Leia.’ Oh, you’re going to have people have fantasies about you! That will make you uncomfortable, I’m guessing.”

Replied Ridley: “They always [ask] about how you’re a sex symbol, and how do I feel about that … I’m not a sex symbol!”

“I’m looking forward to your space kiss,” said Fisher. “You’re going to have to have one. Every girl does.”

Ridley also praised Fisher for her portrayal of Leia, which back in 1977’s original film, A New Hope, broke the typical damsel-in-distress template by having a strong and captivating female character, and called her “a kick-ass woman … you paved the way for all the girls.”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)Carrie Fisher as Leia
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