By Clark Collis
October 30, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
Everett Collection

Any search for 2015’s Queen of Halloween should begin — and end — with Barbara Crampton. The star of director Stuart Gordon‘s classic 1985 H.P. Lovecraft adaptation Re-Animator stayed away from genre movies for a long spell prior to her appearance in Adam Wingard’s ferociously entertaining 2011 home invasion horror-comedy, You’re Next. But now Crampton has very much returned to the land of cobwebs and tombstones. She recently appeared in the anthology horror movie Tales of Halloween and Ted Geoghegan‘s supernatural shocker We Are Still Here, both of which can currently be seen on VOD. The actress has also re-teamed with Gordon for The Hound, another Lovecraft adaptation and one of the stories to be found in the forthcoming third season of spooky audio play series, Tales from Beyond the Pale.

In fact, it turns out that Crampton is quite the fan of Halloween. But she was nice enough to interrupt her costume-assembling to recommend the best horror movie to watch at this time of year.

BARBARA CRAMPTON: “No one lives any nearer than town. No one will come any nearer than that…in the night…in the dark.” So warns gloomy caretaker Mrs. Dudley, regarding the dark and sinister Hill House. The subjects of an experiment gather here to access the supernatural hauntings which have gone on for years at a place where “scandal, murder, insanity and suicide” have become common within the house’s glorious and gorgeous interior. Robert Wise’s The Haunting is the quintessential classic haunted house movie with the manor being as important a character as the players within. Each person invited by researcher Dr. Markway comes with conflicting desires, yet none so nervously colorful as Julie Harris’s Eleanor Lance. Harris is brilliant here as a displaced woman drawn and repelled by the house. Her sudden freakish outbursts of anger and contempt are then tempered by her sincere yet insecure desperate longing for something interesting and important to happen to her. She is both alarmed and alarming, and her deep emotional turmoil mimics the beautiful yet ominous and unpredictable Hill House. The Haunting is a chilling film. Atmosphere, sound effects, strange angles of the stunning cinematography, and Harris’s electric performance all keep you on the edge of your seat for it’s entirety without a single drop of blood! This is a smart and thrilling Halloween movie that everyone in the family can enjoy together. But you might need to leave the lights on…

Below, you can see a trailer for The Haunting and exclusively hear a stream of the Tales from Beyond the Pale story, The Hound.


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