By Christopher Rosen
Updated October 30, 2015 at 12:07 PM EDT

Hello from the other side, which is where we all live now that James Corden and Billy Eichner have made this world obsolete.

The Late Late Show host and Billy on the Street star teamed up on Thursday night for “A Lonely Halloween,” a parody of Adele’s smash-hit song “Hello” built around the idea of two grown men — Corden dressed as Chewbacca, Eichner as Han Solo — pining for their past adventures on Oct. 31.

“I’m in California, dreaming of how we used to be,” Corden sings. “When we were Han and Chewie, we’d walk ’round the neighborhood with whip cream and TP.” Adds Eichner: “There’s such a difference between Milk Duds and a Milky Way.”

Be closer than Mike & Ike, and watch what stands as the best Adele parody yet below.

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