By Will Robinson
Updated October 29, 2015 at 10:07 PM EDT

As popular as sports are, one thing is usually undeniably boring: the post-game press conference. Coaches and players are trained to give tried sound bites that won’t spark controversy. Hardly compelling. In a new parody video, Weird Al gets to heart of the issue.

The musician and comedian starred in a video released by The Kicker, a satirical sports website, as “Grizzled Coach” of the famed City Animals football team in the wake of a win/loss.

“Before we open it up for questions, let me just say the coaches coached, the players played, and there are a lot of repressed emotions present on stage right now,” Yankovic says.

“Star Player,” who’s noted as truly being above average, trickles out clichés as if he was an [insert sponsor] shill. He’s even encountered by a blogger who concedes he’s trying to elicit a quote to take out of context and distort — and does so.

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Catch the pointed spoof above and see if it devolves into a meme-ified, viral outburst.