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He’s back. ABC announced on Wednesday that Tristan Rogers’ superspy Robert Scorpio will return to General Hospital this December.

After years of on-and-off appearances, Rogers’ character said goodbye to Port Charles in January 2014 as Rogers returned to his role on The Young and the Restless. But considering Scorpio once came back from the dead, it’s hard to believe anything could keep him away from General Hospital for long. Details are still mum about the circumstances of his return.

“Scorpio is such a beloved legacy character who evokes a sense of nostalgia and I know the fans have been patiently waiting for Tristan’s return,” executive producer Frank Valentini said in a statement. “I share their sentiments and enthusiasm and that of our entire GH team in welcoming him home. It’s been a fantastic week of casting announcements for GH, but it’s not over yet.”

Rogers first appeared on General Hospital in December of 1980 and starred until 1992. He has made on-and-off appearances on the soap ever since.

“I am delighted to be visiting my friends in PC. Stand by for some fun stuff,” Rogers wrote on Twitter. “Looking forward to seeing old faces. Let’s have some good times.”

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