The pair will give 'expert advice on idiocy' at the event Friday night
Credit: Joe Scarnici/WireImage

Digital entertainment has been making the leap from the super-small screen to the small screen to the silver screen and finally, to live events over the past few years. The latest entry in a long list of conventions and tours comes in the form of Stream Con, a new, three-day event founded by Tubefilter and LeftField Media celebrating content creators and bringing fans closer to their favorite online stars.

One of those stars will be YouTuber and comedian Mamrie Hart, who will attend Stream Con with fellow online personality (and frequent collaborator) Grace Helbig to present their two-woman show, “This Might Get Weird, Y’all,” in which the pair give “expert advice on idiocy.” Friday’s show, Hart teases, will likely be about Halloween. “There will be costumes, there will be powerpoints, there will be, you know, my family rolling their eyes!” she says. “It’s so much fun.”

Still, Hart tells EW she’s not only looking forward to the show; she’s going to be returning to her former comedy stomping grounds, as her career pre-YouTube included performing with the Peoples Improv Theater and the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York. Hart and Helbig had both lived in New York (and met there), so the return to the city will be “surreal,” as Hart puts it.

In addition, Stream Con will bring in “really high-end talent,” Hart explains, with a diverse lineup of guests, including GloZell, Connor Franta, iJustine, and more. The smaller crowd is one of the reasons why Hart expects Stream Con to be more intimate — and therefore better for fans eager to meet who they want to meet.

“Hopefully we’ll get to see a lot more interaction between people attending and the people who are there as content creators, as opposed to [meet-and-greets] just being possible,” she says. “And I think it’s really exciting because it’s the first one… I’m going in kind of blind, but it should be really fun.”

And though the upcoming Stream Con will be the first, Hart says she’s used to navigating similar events. “I walk 10 yards away from a popular boy on YouTube,” she jokes. “Then, nobody even notices me!” And besides, she adds, “There’s a rumor that they might be giving out those hoverboard glider things, and I really need some for my nephews,” she says, laughing. “I do it all for the gliders.”

Stream Con will take place from Friday, Oct. 30, through Sunday, Nov. 1, at the Javits Center in New York City. Tickets can be purchased here.