By Ian Goldstein
Updated October 29, 2015 at 11:42 AM EDT
Credit: CBS

One million dollars isn’t much money to Donald Trump. The presidential candidate said as much to Matt Lauer on the Today show, revealing it was just a “small loan” he received from his father when he was struggling to build his business.

Stephen Colbert devoted a segment of Wednesday night’s episode of The Late Show to address Trump’s quote and offer his own proposal.

“These days he’s worth billions of dollars,” Colbert said. “For him, a million dollars is garbage. So I’m going to take a moment here to say ‘Mr. Trump, you look like a million dollars.'”

Colbert then brought out a prewritten, million dollar check to the Harlem Children’s Zone with the memo line signed: “no big deal.”

“Now Mr. Trump all you have to do is come here and sign it, proving that a million dollars really is a small amount of money,” Colbert said.

Whether Trump will actually sign it has yet to be seen, but Colbert had some final words for the presidential candidate.

“Who knows, the kids you help might one day be so rich they can blow their cash on a presidential campaign.”

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