By Ian Goldstein
Updated October 29, 2015 at 11:32 AM EDT
Credit: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Things got messy on Wednesday night’s episode of The Tonight Show as Sandra Bullock tried serving Jimmy Fallon ice cream using two fake arms.

Fallon “disclosed” the difficulties he had with the actress when they worked on Jacob’s Patience, the fake Canadian soap opera in which Bullock insisted they use mannequin arms during every scene.

Having previously used fake arms with Jim Carrey and Seth Rogen, Fallon had just as much trouble getting what he wanted as Bullock tried her best to serve the host ice cream flavors, including “Milli Vanilla” and “Livin’ La Vida Mocha.” She lost a fake hand in the process.

Like every Jacob’s Patience sketch, the host and guest got food everywhere as Bullock dipped her fake hands into hot fudge and fed ice cream directly to Jimmy Fallon’s face.

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Watch the clip below to see the two make a mess and hear Bullock use some creative puns like “scoop there it is” and “I don’t fudge with you.”

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