The latest trailer for Lara Croft’s next journey in Rise of the Tomb Raider promises dangerous locales, powerful organizations to fight, and some trying tombs. So it’s only fitting that a powerful, original song accompany the newest peek at the upcoming adventure.

Debuted exclusively with Rolling Stone, the new trailer features an original song written and performed by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O called “I Shall Rise.” The song sets the stage for Lara Croft (Camilla Luddington) as she embarks on a quest to finish her father’s work, despite the trying and life-threatening situations it puts her in around the globe.

“They wanted drama and high-stakes and melodrama,” O told Rolling Stone. “That was very appealing to me because I love making music connected to a storyline. It was all stuff I loved like having the theme song to [Lara Croft] becoming an icon and the creation myth to the moment she becomes Lara.”

Watch the new trailer above to hear the song and see a new glimpse at Lara’s journey, which comes exclusively to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 on Nov. 10. PC and PlayStation versions will release in 2016. And for more from O on her career and her new song, head over to Rolling Stone.

Rise of the Tomb Raider
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