By Andrea Towers
Updated October 29, 2015 at 08:25 PM EDT

If you’re looking for comics that tap into the dark side this Halloween, look no further than Vertoscope, the new and original comics anthology that offers you just that: villains, beasts and more.

Vertoscope’s goal is to tell the stories that often don’t get highlighted — the ones that are darker and more sinister — and editors and comic artists Nechama Frier and Ten Van Winkle have done just that by assembling a team of 22 creators including Meg Gandy (Godsend), Sarah Winifred Searle (Fresh Romance, Smut Peddler), Jenn Doyle (Knights Errant), Hannah Krieger (Camodad), and more. The anthology features 200 pages of original black-and-white psychological shorts in stories that focus on the theme “antagonist as protagonist.”

Vertoscope has launched a kickstarter that will run for 45 days to help secure the funds to publish a 3000-copy run, as well as compensate the creators for their work. EW is proud to debut an exclusive preview of a full story from the anthology — a perfect treat for Halloween — by writer Sarah Searle and artist Hannah Krieger.

Credit: Vertoscope