By Eric Renner Brown
Updated October 29, 2015 at 05:34 PM EDT
Ringo Starr

In just over 24 days the Foo Fighters will give us… something. At 12:09 a.m. ET Thursday morning, the alt-rock heroes shared a screenshot on Facebook of a mysterious clock counting down from 25 days, along with a link to their official website. Following the link leads visitors to a landing page that includes the clock, the band’s logo, and audio that mostly sounds like someone left a recorder on in a busy room — except for a brief cameo by a voice that is almost certainly that of frontman Dave Grohl.

“I don’t know about that weird three guitar thing,” the voice says after a guitar plays for a split second. “I feel like it should do something else… We should do two.”

A representative for the band declined to comment about the mystery, but EW has a couple guesses. Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways, the HBO documentary series that chronicled the making of the band’s eighth studio album, aired on the network from Oct. 17 to Dec. 5 of last year. “We’ve been talking about doing it again,” Grohl told EW in July. “I’m sure we will.” He hasn’t offered additional details about a second season of Sonic Highways, but the countdown clock ends at midnight on Nov. 23 — right on pace for more episodes of the show.

Grohl also shared that the Foo Fighters have new music in the works when the band headlined Austin City Limits on Oct. 9. “You know what I did last night?” he told the crowd. “We recorded five f–king new songs in your beautiful city. … We’re gonna give it to you! But not tonight.”

Come Nov. 23, the Foos could offer up new Sonic Highways, new music, or both. But, as Grohl told EW, more Sonic Highways doesn’t necessarily guarantee fresh Foo Fighters music. “One of the great things about the show’s concept is it doesn’t always have to be the Foo Fighters and it doesn’t always have to be in America,” he said. “You can work within the concept, the framework of the idea, and change it every time.”

Of course, the band could have a third and more surprising offering up its sleeve. Perhaps a concert film chronicling all of Grohl’s viral moments from the Foo Fighters’ summer tour?