By Madison Vain
Updated October 29, 2015 at 04:02 PM EDT

We’ve heard Ben Folds in just about every musical setting. He’s fronted an alt-rock outfit, helmed an a cappella record, covered famous rap songs, and most recently released So There, a gorgeous album that meshes pop and classical music. Its first half is a collaboration with New York-based chamber ensemble yMusic, and its second, a 21-minute, three-movement piece commissioned by the Nashville Ballet and and the Minnesota Orchestra.

Today, EW is excited to premiere the video for the album’s opening track “Capable Of Anything.” The song itself is an introspective meditation on faults and weaknesses of character — or, as Folds tells EW, “I had pondered the suggestion that we are all ‘capable of anything’, and I think that’s true, only if you accept the darker sides of what you are capable of.”

The video concept, a one-take of Folds playing with yMusic, is simple in construction but in result shows just how impressively textured the tune is. Folds also introduced the clip, saying, “We simply set up and played it together in one continuous take – except I’m on a Casio instead of a piano like I am on the album. So you can that see the instrumentation is unusual. yMusic are three strings and three winds – there’s no bass. We play with abandon like a rock band.”

The video is streaming below.