By Samantha Highfill
October 28, 2015 at 06:09 PM EDT
Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Actor-singer Tristan Mack Wilds can currently be seen starring alongside Adele in the music video for her hit song “Hello,” but Wilds himself is also planning a return to the music industry.

Following on the heels of his first album, New York: A Love Story, Wilds is set to release a new album in early 2016. And this time, he says fans can expect a bit of “growth.” “I think the last album we had a really good time messing around with old hip-hop beats and flipping them and turning them into songs, but I think I’ve gotten to a place where now musically I’ve grown a little bit,” Wilds said. “It’s definitely still going to feel very hip-hop and very New York but it’s grown a little bit. It has some new inspirations in it, so I’m pretty excited about it.”

Much like his first album, the theme of this one is still New York, but that wasn’t the only thing Wilds wanted to keep from his first go-around. “The main thing I wanted to keep was truth,” he said. “I think if anything I wanted this album to be a little more truthful, dig even deeper into my life and tell more of my stories.”

However, a new album isn’t the only project Wilds is debuting in 2016. On Jan. 4, VH1 will air The Breaks, a movie set in the hip-hop world of New York in the ’90’s. “It’s about three kids who come to New York and try to get into the hip-hop business in the ’90s. Now if you remember the ’90s in New York, it was kind of a shady time. It was right after the whole ’80’s reign of drugs and everything, so it’s a nice mixture of the grittiness of a show like The Wire but still has some of the heart of the kids who wants to make it like Entourage.”

Wilds continued: “My character’s name is Daryl Van Putten, but they call him DeeVee and he’s a producer. He’s a DJ and a producer and he’s hell-bent on trying to find the new artist who can make his music become something legendary. And he has two friends, one girl who’s trying to be a music manager, and his other friend who’s a guy who’s trying to get hip-hop on the radio.It shows how their love for hip-hop is what made hip-hop turn into what it is today.”

Both The Breaks and Wilds’ new album will arrive in early 2016.