Kendrick Lamar’s music videos are nearly as ambitious as his records, and the “These Walls” dive might be his zaniest yet.

The To Pimp a Butterfly rapper dropped his new video Wednesday, and it begins in a black-and-white jail cell. A man tells two fellow inmates that Lamar framed him and put him in his current predicament.

In a flashback, we see a house with women dancing everywhere and a wall breaks as a result of the dancing. To everyone’s surprise, there was something was wrong with a little bump n’ grind.

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Then there’s another cut to Lamar and comedian Terry Crews arguing in a car. They leave, join a talent show, then “Hit The Quan” in a dance that’s ripe for GIFing. We see how the person in question meets Lamar, gets arrested, and ends up in his current state.

At the end, it teases this story will be continued, so stay tuned for whatever video Lamar comes out with next, either during or after his current Kunta’s Groove Sessions tour.

Catch the video below.

To Pimp a Butterfly
2015 album by Kendrick Lamar
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