Credit: Peter Yang

Justin Bieber’s forthcoming album Purpose will be released Nov. 13, and the Biebs showed how much work and artistry he’s putting into the album Wednesday by unveiling the track list one graffitied wall at a time.

Similar to how he released the cover art piece by piece on Instagram, Bieber tweeted out pictures of graffiti from across the globe, punctuating each tweet with a track number. The pictures come from places like Sydney, London, Stockholm, Paris, Oslo, and Berlin. The tracklist also reveals featured guests like Halsey, Big Sean, and Nas.

Here’s the full Purpose tracklist:

  1. Mark My Words
  2. I’ll Show You
  3. What Do You Mean?
  4. Sorry
  5. Love Yourself
  6. Company
  7. No Pressure ft. Big Sean
  8. No Sense ft. Travis Scott
  9. The Feeling ft. Halsey
  10. Life Is Worth Living
  11. Where Are U Now
  12. Children
  13. Purpose
  14. Been You
  15. Get Used To Me
  16. We Are ft. Nas
  17. Trust
  18. All In It