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Hillary Clinton sat down with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night’s episode of The Late Show, and in addition to discussing her upcoming presidential plans, Clinton revealed what she did on her birthday this week.

“Bill and I just kind of watched bad TV,” Clinton told Colbert.

Clinton said she and her husband binge-watch shows, including House of Cards, The Good Wife, and Madam Secretary. “I do like Madam Secretary,” Clinton said, while revealing she does not, in fact, received residual checks from the series, which stars Tea Leoni. As Clinton reminded Colbert, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright recently guest-starred on Madam Secretary as herself. Did that make Clinton jealous, Colbert wondered.

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“A little,” Clinton said. When would she like to cameo? “I think I’d have to wait to do it later. Maybe after November of next year,” Clinton said.

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