Credit: Nick Wall

Miss You Already

Miss You Already stars Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore as Milly and Jess, inseparable best friends who’ve spent their life together. But when Milly is hit with a cancer diagnosis, the two are forced to lean on each other in the face of such devastating news. It’s a story about two women and their own close bond, but as director Catherine Hardwicke reveals in this exclusive video, it was also a deeply personal story.

“I made this movie because my close friends and my family have been affected by cancer,” Hardwicke says. “I was especially impacted with my father’s experience because he maintained a wicked sense of humor no matter how heavy things got. It was this kind of sense of humor and this lightness and this life-affirming feeling that drew me into this beautiful script.”

Both Hardwicke and screenwriter Morwenna Banks have supported friends and family members through cancer treatment, and Miss You Already, which also stars Jacqueline Bisset as Milly’s mother, examines how a cancer diagnosis affects not just an individual, but their friends and family, too.

“This movie is personal to me, to Morwenna, Drew, Toni, and Jacqueline,” Hardwicke says. “We all poured our hearts into this.”

Miss You Already hits theaters on Nov. 6. Watch the exclusive video below.

Credit: Nick Wall
Miss You Already
2015 movie
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  • 112 minutes