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Another week on The Muppets, another relationship Miss Piggy has with a celebrity that complicates everything for her fellow felt friends, particularly Kermit.

Reese Witherspoon is the object of Piggy’s current fury, though it’s apparently been a long-held grudge, according to Uncle Deadly. (Piggy even started a fake grudge for Natalie Portman as a decoy to mask her indignation over losing the Walk the Line role to Witherspoon.

Piggy wants to show up the Wild star (after trying to poison her with homemade muffins, of course), and so when she hears Witherspoon is helping to build a house with Habitat for Humanity, Piggy also shows up to the scene.

Sadly, she’s there for the publicity of it all, yet there’s not a single photographer to be found. Instead, she gets to work for the mere satisfaction of revenge, though she manages to start fighting with Witherspoon and destroys the in-progress house just as a paparazzo appears. With the show on the outs, Piggy invites Witherspoon back on the show so they could apologize to one another.

Yet even saying sorry was a source of contention for the late night host, as she declared victory for having a better sorry following her musical apology.

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The week proved tough for Fozzie, whose girlfriend Becky returned from the pilot, only to bear witness to his painful stand-up routine. Fozzie is bombing until he starts mocking Becky, and suddenly he’s won over the crowd. Of course, he also angers Becky, who decides to embarrass him in front of the staff.

There’s also the fender bender between Scooter and Rizzo causing problems behind the scenes, as the latter keeps sending Scooter to dubious relatives for help settling the issue. Considering all the drama, here are the night’s best moments:

1. “Slow your pump, young man.” Uncle Deadly knows what he wants, and what he wants in the morning is a “mocha frap, extra whip, drizzled with one leisurely pump of caramel.” And he’s not fooling around when he says “leisurely.”

2. Panicked Kermit is a hilarious Kermit: The frog running the show is in a panic from the moment Witherspoon appears on set. The poor frog can’t keep it together as the contentious on-air interview proceeds, leading to a few of his most (adorably) frustrated and nervous moments yet on the show.

3. How to make a bear cry: The secret to causing Fozzie’s waterworks? “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper.

4. Battle at the build site: Piggy and Witherspoon’s build-site showdown including a few trying moments, from Piggy arriving in a limo (“Charity work is all about the entrance”) to Witherspoon’s determination to beat Piggy (“I did all my own walking in [Wild] so…”). But the moment heard ‘round the Internet gossip sites came when the two got physical, knocking down a wall of the house before Piggy landed one final hit on Witherspoon.

5. The Rizzo family tree: Rizzo’s laundry list of curious relatives who he offers to assist Scooter includes: His cousin Joey/Frankie (he changes his identity to hide from the person trying to kill him) who owns a bodyshop; his uncle Tommy, a lawyer/fireworks technician; and his nephew Angelo, who, despite his wonky eye, is a crack investigator.

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